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Water Flosser

Dental Water Flosser Teeth Cleaner

High Frequency Pulsation:With High Frequency Water Pulse 1250 -1700 Times per Minute, 360° Rotating Long Nozzle, the Water Flosser Can Deeply Cleaning Every Corner Precisely That Traditional Brushing Can Not Reach.
Suitable For All Oral Care:Come with 7 multi-functional tips Can be shared with your whole family. With multi-functional tips,it can help us clean our oral and remove a stain. Just One Minute a Day, Brings You Healthier and White Teeth.
Adjustable 10 Water Pressure:Ranges of 30–125 PSI, Choose the Most Comfortable Mode That Suits Your Needs, It Is Recommended to Use the Minimum Pressure for Your First Use. Three Minutes Auto-Timer to Avoid It Still Working After You Finish Cleaning.
Upgreded With Anti-Leak Design:The Water Flosser Reservoir Improved With Double-Sealing Rings to Prevent Water Leaks All Over Bathroom. Water Tank and Top Jet Tip Cover Are Detachable, Easy to Fill Water and Clean All Parts of the Water Flosser. The Bottom Suction Cup Can Hold to Surface Tightly.
600ML Large Water Capacity – Offer You About 90 Seconds of Uninterrupted Dental Flossing, Enough for You to Get Through Your Whole Mouth Cleaning Routine. The Water Flosser Can Keep Teeth Healthy Clean and Make Your Smile Confident.
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    Q: How much liquid does it store?
    A: The Bubble machine maximum capacity of the water tank ss 400ML. 

    Q: How long is the adapter cord of the bubble machine?
    A: The length is 5Ft 

    Q: Does this have a remote?
    A: It does not. It only has two speeds that are handled manually through a dial. 

    Q: What size batteries?
    A: The Bubble machine batteries is 6* C Batteries,1.5V 

    Q: Does this bubble machine only use an electrical outlet? Can you use batteries to make it portable?
    A: The bubble machine has two-ways to Supply Power: 6* C Batteries or Plug-In With the Included AC Cord. It‘s very convenience. 
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