Zerhunt Professional Automatic Party Bubble Machine

1. portable & convenience - the machine goes wherever bubbles are needed! Light weight metal case and durable.
2. Fast bubbles generating - 18-22 rotations per minute to create thousands of bubbles with just a simple touch of a switch.
3. Easy to use - simply fill up the reservoir with bubble liquid, plug in the devise, turn it on, and let the bubbles fly around automatically.
4. Bring joy to your kids - the most fun and amazing gift for your kids. You can relax and enjoy the happy hours with them in the colorful bubbles world!
Zerhunt Bubble Machine - The Best Partner in Party with Friends & Families
Zerhunt Bubble Machine produces a large number of flying bubbles to create a magic and colorful dreamland for every user. The portable design makes it available for any indoor or outdoor activities including kids parties, weddings, discos, picnics, BBQs, anniversaries and many other types of get-togethers. CPC Certified.

How to Use?
1. Pour bubble liquid into the liquid reservoir. Note that the type of bubble liquid used can affect how many bubbles are made.
2. Plug the power cord into a grounded electrical outlet.
3. Turn the power switch to the "on" position to start the machine.
4. The bubble machine should not be used for more than 8 hours consecutively and is best operated at 40-90º Fahrenheit. Performing of the machine may
be reduced in low temperatures.

★ Please keep the air intake ports free from blockage.
★ Do not use outdoors in the rain as this may lead to a short circuit
★ Operating this machine without liquid will cause damage to the pump.
★ Keep the bubble machine level when filled with bubble liquid

1 × Zerhunt bubble machine
1 × Handle
1 × User Manual

Zerhunt warranty guarantees 45 Days Money Back & One-year Guarante.
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