Zerhunt USB Rechargeable Electric Pet Dog Nail Grinder
1. Safe & Painless - Our nail grinder is manufactured with Diamond Bit Grinder, which is safer and more effective than nail clipper to trim pet nails.
2. Super Mute Motor - Our dog nail grinder is especially designed with low noise and low vibration, making your pet no fear to trim their nails.
3. The pet nail trimmer has 3 ports for different sized nails.
4. USB Rechargable Electric & Durable - Our Nail grooming tools is rechargeable including a USB Cable for your convenience.
The Zerhunt handy electric PET NAIL GRINDER offers your pet a safe grinding experience and solve the problems that sharp long nails cause.
What could be expected from Zerhunt electric rechargeable pet nail grinder?
1. Offer your pet a safe and stress free way to trim pet nails.
2. Solve the problems that pets sharp long nails cause.
3. Save money from pets store.
4. The trimmer is very quiet and works a treat for your pet.

1. For your pet's safefy, it should not last more that 5 seconds each time.
2. Adjust the grooming angle to polish pet nails.
3. If it's the first time to your pet to use nail grinder, it's recommended not to trim nails too much for avoiding bleeding.
4. After the bath, the nails is more soft and easier to trim. And for the thick and hard nails, it is better to be used with nail clipper.

1 × Zerhunt pet nail grinde
1 × USB charging cord
1 × User manual

★ Please do NOT clean the grinding head with Water, Alcohol or other Liquids.
★ Please do NOT use it for human nails because the power is too strong.

★ 45-Day Money Back and One-year Guarantee.
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