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Bubble Gun

Zerhunt Bubble Gun with Light Bubble Solution-Pink

Rich bubbles: This bubble gun can blow thousands of small bubbles, which can instantly immerse people in the rich bubble world and increase the pleasant atmosphere.
Rechargeable battery: This bubble gun comes with a rechargeable battery that allows the fan of the bubble gun to operate and blow countless bubbles
The bubble machine gun has built-in LED lights. The surface of the bubbles presents cool lighting effects When using the bubble machine at night, which is even more dazzling and attractive.
Material: It‘s made from nontoxic, durable and high quality ABS plastic, leak-proof design, no any sharp edges.
This bubble maker is a perfect gift for kids and friends, suitable for various party occasions, such as family events, birthday parties, weddings, graduations, camping trips, beach, backyard bubble parties, etc.
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    bubble gunbubble gunbubble gunbubble gun
    Q: Hello do you have it in 220 volts?
    A: The voltage is 100-240V for general worldwide use. The adapter plug may be necessary depending on the country. So 220 volts is workable.

    Q: Is it cordless?
    A: No, This is the corded countertop water flosser similar to WP-660 Waterpik flosser.

    Q: Does the water pressure is powerful enough as Waterpik flosser?
    A: There is 10 adjustable water pressure from 1250-1700 pulse per minute. The PSI is 30-125. It‘s powerful enough to deeply clean the teeth.

    Q: What‘s the dimension for this water pick? Is it a small countertop?
    A: The dimension of the oral irrigator is 5.7 x 5 x 7.8 inches. It‘s a small water flosser for the whole family. 

    Q: Are replacement tips readily available?
    A: Yes, The replacement tips are available on Amazon.
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